How to enable java applet in the browser

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Sometimes we find that java applet is not working on our browser even if we have java installed on our machine.
So, let us see how to enable java applet in the browser like firefox or chrome in linux(Ubuntu).
For this we need to have the java applet plugin “” for the browser.

Let us see how to add the plugin:

Close the browser first to be sure, but it worked for me without closing.
1. Find the “” plugin in your java installation. For me the plugin is located in “/home/manohar/java/jre/lib/i386/” where “/home/manohar/java/” is my java installation directory.

  1. Go to your home directory using the command :
    cd ~

  2. Give the command to find where the plugins are located :
    For chrome: locate *.so | grep chrome
    For firefox: locate *.so | grep mozilla

  3. Change to the directory where the most of the plugins are located. In my machine, it is “/opt/google/chrome/” for chrome and “/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/” for firefox. So give the following command :
    For chrome: cd /opt/google/chrome/
    For firefox: cd /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/

  4. See if old plugin exists, if so, remove the old plugin with :

  5. Create a link to “” plugin by giving the command :
    sudo ln -s /home/manohar/java/jre/lib/i386/

Now start the browser and you can see the java applet working. Or you might have to click “Run this time” button which popped just below the address bar to enable the plugin on that page.

Hope this helps and works for you all and saves you the day. Please share your experience through the comments and if it works for other flavors of linux (I did in Ubuntu). This site helped me.

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I am Manohar Bhattarai, a vivid java programmer. I am a keen Linux user. I currently boot Ubuntu Linux. I am a Free/Libre Open Source Software enthusiast.

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